Fire Technology Associate in Science Employment Preparation

Fire technology is the study of the organization and function of fire prevention and suppression techniques; fire behavior and combustion, fire chemistry, extinguishing agents, hazardous and toxic material; fire protection systems; fire command and fire management (supervision).

Career paths chosen by students pursuing an undergraduate and/or baccalaureate degree in fire technology commonly include firefighter, fire engineer, paramedic, forest service worker, health and safety officer, fire prevention specialist, fire inspector, fire investigator, fire protection engineer and hazardous materials specialist.

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
FIRE 001 Principles of Emergency Services 3
FIRE 002 Fire Prevention 3
FIRE 003 Fire Protection Systems 3
ENG 001A English Composition 4

 Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
FIRE 005 Fire Behavior & Combustion 3
FIRE 007 Principles of Fire & Emergency Services Safety & Survival 3
MATH 049 Intermediate Algebra or any math course from Area C4b. 3-4
  Major Electives 6


Course Code Title Units
COD GE Area C3 Arts, Humanities and Culture 3
COD GE Area C5 Personal Growth and Development 3


Semester 3

Course Code Title Units
FIRE 004 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3
  Major Electives 6
COD GE Area C1 Natural Sciences 3
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

Semester 4

Course Code Title Units
  Major Electives 9
COD GE Area C2 Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

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