Accounting Associate in Science

Accounting is the study of analyzing, recording, summarizing, and reporting financial information to managers, owners, customers, investors, and other decision-makers inside and outside a business organization. Career paths chosen by students pursuing undergraduate studies in accounting commonly include financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, governmental and not-for-profit accounting, and auditing. Careers in the discipline that generally require graduate-level degrees include forensic auditing, management consulting services, and education. Even students who choose not to major in accounting find that coursework in the field can improve their ability to understand the role of accounting as a part of the overall business management team, as well as their ability to comprehend financial information as it pertains to their personal wealth management.

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
BUAC 020A Financial Accounting 4
BUAC 004A Income Tax - Individuals / CTEC 4
ENG 001A English Composition 4
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
BUAC 003 Accounting for Government & Non-Profit 3
BUAC 020B Managerial Accounting 4
CIS 010 Computer Literacy 4
BUMA 003 or SOC 003 Business Statistics or Fundamentals of Statistics 3


Course Code Title Units
COD GE Area C1 Natural Sciences 3
ECON 001 Principles of Macroeconomics 3

Semester 3

Course Code Title Units
BUAC 005 Income Tax - Corporations / Partnerships / Estates / Trusts 3
BUAC 010 Accounting with QuickBooks 3
BUAC 019 Excel Spreadsheets for Accounting 2
  Major Electives 6
KINE  Kinesiology Activity 1

Semeser 4

Course Code Title Units
BUAC 013 Payroll Accounting 3
BUMA 010 Introduction to Business 3
PHIL 014 Introduction to Ethics 3
  Major Electives 3

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