Building Commissioning Technician
Certificate of Achievement

The Building Commissioning Technician Certificate of Achievement offers students the opportunity to learn the occupational skills needed by future entry-level commissioning technicians in the energy efficient building industry. Building Commissioning (Cx) is the process of verifying that a building’s systems operate as intended. Commissioning Technicians (CxT) and Commissioning Agents (CxA) work in a team environment, coordinating directly with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and the building owner to oversee, examine, and verify that the building systems are designed, installed, and tested according to the project’s design specifications. This certificate focuses on how the building commissioning process is applied to new and existing buildings. Students will learn the fundamentals of the commissioning process through each step of a construction project – from predesign to occupancy and operations. Courses in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Building Controls Automaton and California energy codes will provide the student an opportunity to discover all the stakeholders involved in the commissioning process.

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
ACR 090  Building Automation Fundamentals 3
ACR 075 HVACR Systems Design 3
ACR 084 Boiler & Hydronic Heating 3
ESYS 002 Electricity & Electrical Theory 3

Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
ACR 091 Advanced Building Control Networks 3
BIT 020 California Mechanical Codes 2
BIT 040 California Electrical Codes 2
ESYS 006 Fundamentals of Building Commissioning 3
ESYS 035 Advanced Lighting Controls 3