English Associate in Art for Transfer

College of the Desert’s Associate in Arts in English for Transfer, also  called the English AA-T Degree, offers a wide range of courses designed to help students develop writing, research, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that are applicable across disciplines and the varied career paths that our diverse student body will pursue. Courses in writing and literature prepare students to write effective essays, conduct in-depth research on many topics, and use problem solving and critical thinking strategies in synthesizing and relaying information to specific audiences. These skills translate across all disciplines and career paths that students will pursue. Students earning an AA-T degree in English are well prepared for a variety of career fields in the liberal arts. Students may also choose to continue their study in the discipline toward a bachelor’s degree. This degree requires students to complete 60 CSU transferable units including completion of CSU GE or IGETC and 19-21 units in the major with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. 

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
ENG 001A  English Composition  4
List C Select one course from List C for this major.  3-5
CSU GE Area A1 Oral Communication 3
HIST 017 or 018 U.S. History 3

Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
ENG 002 Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking through Literature 4
List B Select two courses from List B for this major. 6
CSU GE Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning 3


Course Code Title Units
CSU GE Area A3 Critical Thinking 3

Semester 3

Course Code Title Units
(List A) ENG 010A or ENG 010B or ENG 011A or ENG 011B or ENG 012A or ENG 012B American Literature I or American Literature II or English Literature I or English Literature II or Global Literature 1 or World Literature II   6
CSU GE Area B1 Physical Sciences 3-4
CSU GE Area C1 Arts 3
PS 001 Introduction to Government 3

Semester 4

Course Code Title Units
CSU GE Area B2 Life Sciences  3-4
CSU GE Area C1 or C2 Arts & Humanities 3
CSU GE Area D Social & Behaviorial Sciences 3
CSU GE Area E Lifelong Learning & Self-Development 3
CSU GE Area F Ethnic Studies 3

Please see a Counselor if you need help selecting CSU GE or IGETC GE courses or courses to meet major requirements from Lists A, B and C