Physical Therapy Assistant Associate in Science

The Physical Therapist Assistant program prepares students for employment as physical therapist assistants (PTA). The PTA functions through the direction of a physical therapist (PT) to implement the PT’s plan of care. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to aid patients and clients in their return to maximal function. PTA students are instructed in thinking processes and skills such as therapeutic exercise, orthopedic and neurological interventions, therapeutic modalities, and the art of patient care. In addition to patient treatment courses, students study the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, clinical pathology, and kinesiology. Clinical education experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum and offer students the opportunity to practice the techniques learned and practiced each semester. Students can complete the program in two years.  Program Entrance Requirements: Acceptance under the existing eligibility and selection criteria available on the School of Health Sciences & Education webpage.  Program eligibility and selection processes are subject to change. Prospective students are encouraged to check the school web page periodically or call 760.773.2578

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
BI 013 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
Ch 007 Fundamentals of Chemistry 5
ENG 001A English Composition 4

Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
BI 014 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 5
MATH 045 or MATH 049 Pre-Statistics or Intermediate Algebra or any College Level Math Class  3-4
PSY 001 or PSY 003 General Psychology or Developmental Psychology 3
KINE 008 Introduction to Kinesiology 3

Semester 3

Course Code Title Units
PTA 001 Introduction To Physical Therapy 3
PTA 002 Pathophysiology I 3
PTA 003 Therapeutic Procedures I 3
PTA 005 Kinesiology Lab 1
PTA 009 Functional Anatomy + Kinesiology 3

Semester 4

Course Code Title Units
PTA 004 Therapeutic Procedures II 4
PTA 006 Pathophysiology II 2
PTA 007 Neuroscience 3
PTA 010 Physical Therapy Issues and Trends 2
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

Semester 5

Course Code Title Units
PTA 011 Therapeutic Procedure III 3
PTA 012 Clinical Fieldwork I 4.5
COD GE Area C3 Arts, Humanities & Culture 3

Semester 6

Course Code Title Units
PTA 013 Clinical Fieldwork II 7.5
PTA 014 Physical Therapist Assistant Seminar 2
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

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