Field Ranger, Natural Resources
Certificate of Achievement

The Field Ranger Certificate prepares students for jobs as docents, volunteers, or paid employees working with a variety of local, state, federal and tribal agencies. Students successfully completing this certificate may find entry-level positions in various natural resources specializations.  Students who achieve this certificate will become familiar with a broad range of ranger skills and techniques as well as ecological topics that are applicable anywhere but are also pertinent to the Southwest and the local desert environment. 

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
NR 001 Conservation of Natural Resources 3
NR 001L Conservation of Natural Resources Lab 1
NR 003 or NR 004 Introduction to Wildlife Management or Introduction to Ecosystem Management 3
NR 020 GPS and Map Use 1
NR 021 Introduction to GIS 3
NR 050 or NR 051A or NR 051B or NR 051C Winter Birds or Migrant Birds - Fall or Migrant Birds - Spring or Backyard Birds 1

Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
KINE 001 First Aid and Safety 3
NR 010 or FIRE 010 Wildland Fire Technology 3
NR 017 or AJ 017 Natural Resources Law Enforcement 3
NR 041A or NR 041B Native Plants - Mountain or Native Plants - Desert 1
NR 058 Reptiles of the Coachella Valley 1
NR 095A Natural Resources Work Experience 1-8