Nursing, Vocational (VN/LVN) Associate in Science

The Vocational Nursing (VN) Program prepares graduates to qualify to take the national licensing examination (NCLEX-PN) to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Licensed vocational nurses assist in data collection, plan and implement nursing care, administer medications and treatments, and maintain a safe environment for patients and families.

Approved by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT), the 12-month, full-time VN program provides student-centered instruction and meets all State regulations. Classroom instruction is offered concurrent with clinical practice, assisting the student in the application of nursing theory to actual nursing situations. Students are in class and clinical instruction approximately 34 hours each week.

Graduates eligible for Vocational Nurse Licensing Examination in California.

Program Acceptance Requirements:  See School of Health Sciences & Education web page. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Semester 1

Course Code Title Units
ENG 001A English Composition 4
HS 013 General Nutrition 3
HS 062 Your Living Body 3
COD GE Area C1 Natural Sciences 3

Semester 2

Course Code Title Units
HS 067 Introduction to Med/Dosage Calculations 1
PSY 001 General Psychology 3
MATH 045 or MATH 049 Pre-Statistics or Intermediate Algebra or college level math 3-5
COD GE Area C3 Arts, Humanities & Culture 3
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

Semester 3

Course Code Title Units
VN 010 Vocational Nursing I 9
VN 010L Vocational Nursing I Lab 7

Semester 4

Course Code Title Units
VN 020 Vocational Nursing II 9
VN 020L Vocational Nursing II Lab 7

Semester 5

Course Code Title Units
VN 030 Vocational Nursing III 5
VN 030L Vocational Nursing III Lab 4
KINE Kinesiology Activity 1

Please see a Counselor if you need help selecting COD GE courses or information about the LVN program.

COD GE Courses