Room Rules (Requests)

These rooms are for use ONLY by COD students currently enrolled in a CIS or BUS class, and for projects, assignments, and practice related to those classes. Please use your personal computer and campus wireless connection anywhere else on campus for all other computer related work and refer to their respective rules for computer usage. Private or general use is not permitted!

Since you are working with expensive computer systems there is absolutely NO food or drinks allowed in these rooms. While in class or open lab your cell phone should be off or on vibration. Your personal laptop is not permitted. Lastly, due to COD Campus policy on liability, visitors are not permitted in these rooms.

The INTERNET should only be used by students with internet assignments or class related work requiring internet research. Private or general access is not permitted! Please see the Desert Community College District's Student Conduct Standards for additional information.

Always be considerate toward your facilities and your classmates (i.e. TALKING at a whisper level). When you have finished class or lab, please close all programs, properly log off your machine, and clean up your work/study area.

Lost and Found: For these items, please see lab assistant first and then campus Lost and Found located in the 'Security Office'.