Computer Information Systems Programs

The CIS program at College of the Desert offers certificates and degrees in Computer Information Systems, Business Information Worker, Office Administration Professional, and Office Administrative Assistant. The program also includes courses that are included in many other programs including accounting, business administration, hospitality, digital design and production, retail management, HR specialist, and Auto. The curriculum includes transferable courses that provide the computer literacy required for transfer to the California State University, courses that provide a general overview of the discipline, and courses that deal with more advanced software concepts and tools used in the business environment.

Students who choose not to major in Computer Information Systems or Business Worker find that coursework in the field can improve their abilities in several ways: to think analytically, solve problems, organize thoughts and information, and utilize new technology more efficiently and effectively. CIS classes also provide the combination of technical skills and business skills required for success in an entry level office/administrative assistant position. The coursework also lays ​the foundation for careers in medical, insurance, and law office positions.

Students pursuing undergraduate studies in CIS commonly enter career paths that include office administration, general business, web design, software installation and maintenance, software quality control, database management, electronic bookkeeping, network administration, customer support, and cyber security. Careers in the discipline that may require higher level degrees include programming, system analysis, database design, network design and administration, and security management.​

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