Workshop Descriptions

The following is a catalog of workshops that may be offered throughout the year. 

Workshops are project oriented and assume you have already mastered the equipment training class for the appropriate machine. All workshops are held at Roadrunner Makers, COD Palm Desert Campus, South Annex 4 (SA4) unless otherwise noted.

Click here to download the Spring 2024 Workshop schedule.

Project Workshops -- Laser engraving / cutting

Creating Wooden Boxes with the Laser Cutter

In this workshop, we will use open source software to design patterns for wooden (or cardboard) boxes in your choice of dimensions and styles. Designs and/or text can be etched into one or more surfaces of the box. Some easy assembly will be required. 

Creating Jigsaw Puzzles with the Laser Cutter 

Turn your favorite photo into a simple or complex jigsaw puzzle using any JPG image you bring on a memory stick or can email in advance. Optionally, bring a 5x7 or 8.5x11 photo printed on ink-jet or photo paper. 

Engraving Metal and Wooden Tags with the Laser Cutter 

The laser cutter can engrave metal, wood, glass and plastic with text and/or images. In this workshop, you will create metal and wooden tags for your pets, keys, luggage, even business cards. Material will be provided. 

Creating Leather Patches with the Laser Cutter

The laser cutter can also cut and etch leather that you can then sew onto your jacket, backpack, purse, or book bag. Bring an image appropriate for a 2 to 3 inch, round, square or rectangular patch. Leather will be provided. 

Engraving Glass with the Laser Cutter

In addition to flat surfaces, the laser cutter can engrave cylinder surfaces such as water or wine glasses, coffee cups and metal water bottles. Water tumblers will be provided, or you can bring your own if you wish.

Project Workshops -- Cricut cutter / paper / card-stock / vinyl

Creating Paper Decorations with Cricut 

In this introductory workshop, you will learn to crate elaborate paper and card stock decorations using the Cricut Design Space software. Learn how to find appropriate art work on websites, import into Design Space, customize the design and then use the Cricut machine to precision cut and/or draw the design. 

Vinyl Labeling with Cricut 

Learn how to cut and apply vinyl labels onto non-porous objects such as plastic, metal and glass, We will start practicing with plastic cups. If you have a water bottle, laptop, book bag, etc. you wish to decorate or personalize, bring it. You could also cut a label to apply at home. 

Creating Greeting Cards with Cricut

This slightly advanced workshop assumes you know the Cricut Design Space software. You will learn how to find fonts on the Web and import them into your system. Then cut and assemble cards and envelopes using multiple sheets of different color papers and card stock.

Project Workshops -- Sewing

Introduction to sewing: Part 1

Learn basic sewing machine operation and the most common seam finishes.

Introduction to sewing: Part 2

Following intro to sewing part 1’s foundational skills you will learn techniques that will prepare you for sewing apparel/clothing workshops

How to clone your clothes, the basics of pattern making

Learn how to knock off your favorite outfits.  Create a paper pattern to recreate the clothes that you love.

Denim Vest Making: Part 1

In this workshop, you will learn to take your measurements and make a vest in a sample fabric. Learn basic fit modification to make it custom-fit to you.  Transfer sample to paper pattern

Denim Vest Making: Part 2

Using your custom-fit vest sample from part 1, transfer it to pattern paper and cut it out in fashion fabric. Sew together in the following workshop

Pajama Rama - Cut and sew a pair of pajama pants or shorts.

Bucket hat and visor sewing workshop - Be ready for the summer rays

Sew your own Haori /Kimono - a tribute to traditional East Asian apparel through contemporary cosplay

Open Sew

Do you have a piece of clothing you would like to modify? Pants too long? Shirt too big? A thrift flip? In this open-format class, ask questions and get a personalized sewing plan to bring your item back to life! Start customizing your clothes to develop your own personal style!

Project Workshops -- Beadmaking

Beading with Beading Wire Bracelet
Stringing beads on beading wire is one of the most popular methods for making beaded jewelry. It’s one of the great techniques for beginners. The beading wire is secured to the clasp using a crimp bead and a crimp tool. Once you get the hang of the beading wire. The creative possibilities for beading a necklace, bracelets, and anklets are nearly endless. 

Memory Wire Bracelet
Memory wire is a steel-based wire that is pre-shaped into coils. It’s a strong wire, making it fun to work with for jewelry-making projects. Since it is a more robust wire, it takes a little more effort when working with pliers to manipulate the wire. The benefit of this stronger, coiled wire is that it stays in place and holds its shape well. Memory wire will keep its form even after adding beads and charms. This allows us to easily create a wrap bracelet with the look of bangles while using one length of wire. 

Boho - Single Leather Wrap Bracelet
A leather wrap bracelet is a trending favorite to spice up a boho outfit. Any size leather cord using semi-precious stones, glass, pearls, or seed beads. This technique teaches you to use a needle and beading thread. It doesn’t sound easy, but it is easy to make.

Beaded Lanyard
A beaded lanyard is similar to a beaded necklace, except it is long enough to slip over your head. The front center lanyard traditionally holds a dangling clasp from which to hang your keys or ID badge. You can use semi-precious stones, crystals, seed beads, and metal spacers. Make one to match every outfit in your wardrobe. This is a fun and practical project – use your imagination.

Rolo and Cup Chain Bracelet
Spice up your wrist with this fun Rolo and Cup Chain Bracelet. You only need a rolo chain, a rhinestone chain, and a leather cord. It’s a unique and pretty design - “Boho-Chic.” Wear this fun bracelet to dress up or dress down your outfit. 

Project Workshops -- Candlemaking

Learn how to make plain and scented candles. All materials provided: Wax, colors, scents, containers, dried flowers. But you can bring your own glass or ceramic container should you desire.