Correctional Deputy Code of Ethics

As a Correctional Deputy, it is my fundamental duty to honor the Correctional Deputy Code of Ethics and the Value Statement of the Riverside County Sheriff's Office. By doing so, I will demonstrate the true meaning of Integrity, Loyalty,
Professionalism, and Leadership.

I will always be fair in the performance of my duties, never seeking to use my authority over others unjustly. I will perform my duties without prejudice or bias.  I will maintain honesty of word and deed. I will act with integrity, at all times, keeping my private life unsullied as an example.  I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my Office.

I will maintain calm in the face of ridicule and contempt, never employing more force than necessary.  I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings or friendships to influence me.  I will always be aware of the safety and security of all those around me by maintaining a safe and secure environment.  I will never use my position for personal gain, never accepting gratuities, nor will I exaggerate the limits of my authority.

I recognize the badge as a symbol of my profession and of the Office.  I will maintain the integrity of my badge and position.

I will strive to achieve and embody the highest ideals and ethics of the Office, while always displaying the highest degree of professionalism

---As a Correctional Deputy.