ABE Purpose and Program

The Purpose:

The School of Communication & Humanities offers a variety of Adult Basic Education courses to meet the needs of all students, regardless of educational background, current capabilities or educational goals. The decision to continue your education is not one that will hinder your other commitments, but rather will enhance all other aspects of your life. The programs available include High School Completion, GED preparation, English, Math and Reading Remediation.

GED vs. High School Completion:

Three basic differences:

  1. COD awards a Certificate of Secondary Education Completion, which is equal to any traditional high school diploma.
    *Passing the GED Exam awards a High School 'Equivalency' Certificate issued by the State of California.

  2. The Certificate of Secondary Education Completion is earned by counting previously earned credits and successfully taking classes to earn credits that are lacking.
    *The GED certificate is awarded by passing a five subject exam.

  3. A Certificate of Secondary Education issued from College of the Desert may be used for anything that a traditionally-awarded diploma may be used for.
    *The GED can be used for almost the exact same things, excluding the following-
    *Going directly into some branches of the military or directly to a university would, generally, not be possible with a GED. (Earning 15 community college units, along with the GED, would make a person eligible for the military.)
    *Completing two years at a two-year institution, along with the GED, would qualify an individual to transfer to almost any university.

*A few reasons an individual may choose one or the other are:
  • personal feelings about either
  • time (depending on skill level and/or amount of credits already earned)
  • goals (military, university, promotion in job or to get a job, etc.)
  • money (GED costs $money to take the test)
  • skill level (materials for HSC are easier than GED material)