English As A Second Language - Noncredit

The English as a Second Language Noncredit (ESLN) program consists of a series of courses which meet the needs of students not fluent in English. The program offers six levels of English, ranging from a Foundations level for true beginners to a low-advanced Level 5. Students acquire the skills required for their daily lives and prepare themselves to enter high school completion, vocational, or academic programs. Students can enroll in comprehensive courses, which are 3-hour multi-skills classes (M-R) or in conversation and pronunciation courses, which help students enhance speaking, listening, and pronunciation proficiency.

Classes are open-entry, thereby allowing students to register at any time during the school year. Classes are held day and evening at Palm Desert, Indio Campus and other off-campus locations.

All persons 18 years of age and older regardless of their educational background are welcome to enroll in this program.

The ESLN program also offers three noncredit certificate options to students. The English Proficiency Certificate focuses on the essential English language skills needed in day-to-day living and working situations. The Academic English Certificate is for students who are planning on pursuing a college degree or vocational certificate. The Certificate of Completion in Vocational ESL Noncredit is a sequence of courses designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of fields. Please refer to the sequence of noncredit ESL courses required for these certificates. For more information, please call 760-776-7348.

Interested students may also consider coursework in ESL.

El Inglés Como Segundo Idioma

Inglés como Segundo Idioma ofrece programas de instrucción para todos los niveles de habilidad. Personas que estan interesadas en matricularse en las clases de ESL noncredit pueden ir a la oficina de “Admissions & Records” que esta localizada en segundo piso del edificio de “Cravens St​udent Center” en el campus de “College of the Desert” en Palm Desert o pueden llamar a 760-776-7348 para mas informacion. Las clases que se ofrecen en este departamento reciben nuevos estudiantes todos los días. Cada persona de 18 años o más, sin tener en cuenta su educación previa, es bienvenida a este programa.​