High School Completion Program

College of the Desert (COD) is accredited by the Western Schools and Colleges Association and is one of only 13 community colleges in California that offers a High School Diploma approved by the Chancellor’s Office.

The COD HS Diploma is conferred by the Governing Board of California Community Colleges to those who successfully complete all of the following Credit and Exam requirements.

Graduation Requirements

  • English (40 Credits)
  • U.S. History (10 Credits)
  • U.S. Government (5 Credits)
  • Math (30 Credits)
  • U.S. Econ. (5 Credits)
  • Science (20 Credits)
  • Fine Arts (10 Credits)
  • World History (10 Credits)
  • Electives (30 Credits)

Total credits required (160 Credits)

Note: There is a minimum 20 credit "In Residence" (must be completed in COD's ABE program) requirement in order to graduate from COD.

In addition to earning the above credits, the California adopted minimum proficiency standards must be met by passing Proficiency Exams (not to be confused with the CHSPE) in Math, Reading, and Editing (Essay). There is no cost for these tests and they may be taken an unlimited number of times until passed. They are given, by appointment, in any of our open labs.

*P.E. credits are not required nor will they be counted in your evaluation of previous transcripts.

*Some elective credits may be awarded if you have:

  1. A valid Driver's License (if no credits were received from Driver's Ed.)
  2. Work Experience (proof required)

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on how many credits you start with and how much time and effort you put into it. You work at your pace as long as progress is being made within the program. The average student earns about 15 credits per subject per semester.

Where are the classes?

Palm Desert classes are held on the main floor of the Communications building. Indio classes are currently held at our new Eastern Valley Center on Oasis Street.

Identification Requirement

You will need a current identification with a picture on it at the time of registration.


The only cost is a mandatory health fee of $20.00 per semester for the spring and fall semesters and $16.00 for summer session (when offered). If a student wishes to park on Palm Desert campus they must pay $20.00 per semester for a parking sticker. Books are provided free to use in the classroom. If you wish to purchase your own the instructor can provide you with information to purchase books.


When an individual completes all of the requirements for graduation, they should obtain an "Intent to Graduate" form from their instructor or from the ABE Program Specialist's office, complete it and turn it into the Adult Basic Education office. At that time, all records will be reviewed to determine whether everything has been completed. If so, about three weeks later, the Transcripts may be issued and the diploma shortly following.


Registration for Adult Basic Education classes is on an open-entry, space available basis, through the 7th week of the term.

When the course has reached the maximum capacity in enrollments the status changes in WebAdvisor, to full/waitlisted. This means the only method of enrollment is via the waitlist option.

Students must log into their @MyCod Student Portal-WebAdvisor and select from the student menu Manage My Waitlist to verify what rank/placement you are on the waitlist. Placement on the waitlist moves as students are dropped.

Students are responsible to monitor their placement on the waitlist.
Students are registered from the waitlist into the class when a seat becomes available. Students may verify they have been registered into the class from the waitlist by selecting My Class Schedule in WebAdvisor.

No Show/Non-Participation

Students that are absent or are not participating may be dropped by the faculty.
It is important that communication between instructor and student take place.
Students may be dropped for non-attendance or participation; this means the next person on the waitlist will be enrolled into the class.
Students should be aware that their seat may not be available if they are dropped.

Change of Course Level

An instructor may determine a student should be enrolled in a different course. The instructor will provide the student with the course section number.

The faculty will advise the student to drop the current course and add a different course or just to add a different course. It is important to be clear what the intentions are so the proper actions are taken.

The student must add the course via WebAdvisor.

Students Dropped in Error

Students dropped in error may re-enroll via WebAdvisor through the 10th week of the term.


You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the online College of the Desert admission application Complete the online College of the Desert admission application Complete the online College of the Desert admission application Complete the online College of the Desert admission application by going to www.collegeofthedesert.edu and clicking “Getting Started,” and then “Complete Online Application”.

  2. Request official transcript(s) from previous high school(s) where credits were earned using that school’s accepted method of requesting transcripts (i.e. calling, sending a letter or specific request form).

  3. Official transcripts should be sent to:

    Attention Program Specialist, ABE Program
    Admissions & Records
    Cravens Student Center Building 2nd Floor
    College of the Desert
    43-500 Monterey Avenue
    Palm Desert, Ca. 92260


    may be hand carried (only official if unopened):

    to the 2nd floor of the Craven's Student
    Service Center Building Non-Credit Programs (between the Financial Aid window and the Assessment Center).
    Write your Student number and phone number on the envelope and place the envelope in the metal box outside the door for that purpose.

  4. Once transcripts are received and evaluated, prospective students will be contacted by the ABE Program Specialist to schedule an appointment with the ABE Counselor. Students may call to make an appointment to meet with a Counselor if the application has already been completed and the transcripts have been received by the Specialist. (Please allow up to 14 business days after requesting transcripts to be sent to the ABE Office.)

  5. Students meeting with the ABE Counselor will be provided with a Student Education Plan and section number(s) for the course(s) they have been advised to register for.

  6. Student record will be activated for registration.

  7. The ABE Counselor will provide a WebAdvisor Instruction handout that includes areas on-campus where students may go for assistance (if needed).

  8. Student will register and pay online via WebAdvisor.

  9. Student must select ‘waitlist’ for a course that is filled.

  10. Student will attend ABE Orientation and begin class.

  11. Adds and drops will be completed by the student in WebAdvisor.

  12. Students that do not attend or participate in class may be dropped by the faculty to allow for students on the waitlist to be enrolled.


  1. Must reapply-complete the online admission application by going to www.collegeofthedesert.edu and clicking “Getting Started,” and then “Complete Online Application”. Be sure to indicate that you have been enrolled before.

  2. Students who have started the High School Completion Program and have a lapse in attendance of one year or more should submit official transcripts again to ABE Program Specialist.

  3. Students that want to ascertain what classes to enroll in should call the ABE Program Specialist to make an appointment to speak to the
    ABE Counselor at (760) 776-7348.

    NOTE - High School Transcripts may not be saved when there is a lapse in attendance of one year or more.

More information

Call the Program Specialist in the Adult Basic Education office at (760) 776-7348 or stop by our office on the second floor of the Craven's Student Service Center Building in the Non-Credit Programs area located between the Financial Aid window and the Assessment Center. Pick up the phone on the wall and someone will answer your questions.