Social Science Programs

College of the Desert’s Social Sciences Department offers courses that are designed to provide students with a general overview of various disciplines of the social sciences, help students meet general education requirements for transfer to four-year institutions, and provide them with supporting courses for majors in other programs. Even students who choose not to major in Social Sciences find that coursework in the field can improve their ability to think critically, problem solve, manage their lives, and understand the issues that engage our world, our country, and our community.


Within the Social Sciences Department, students can earn an Associate of Arts degree in any of the seven disciplines and/or a Certificate of Achievement in Alcohol & Drug Studies. Students earning an associate’s degree within the social sciences program have a choice of pursuing positions as community support worker, gerontology aide, compensation/benefits worker, consumer survey advisor, delinquency counselor, insurance agent/broker, social welfare examiner, peace corps/VISTA worker, research assistant, claims representative, case aid worker, human resources assistant, public opinion surveyor, community service agency worker, or continuing their studies toward a bachelor’s or graduate degree.