Online Student Health Appointments

Welcome to College of the Desert's Online Appointment services using Cranium Café. Online Appointments are a web-based service, utilizing webcam and audio.

Cranium Café is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers only. Students using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge may experience technical problems when trying to connect to an online session.


If you are a student who uses assistive technology you may not be able to log in or meet with a nurse using Cranium Cafe.

Please identify your need for assistive technology when you call to schedule an appointment.

To Schedule an Online Student Health Appointment

To make an appointment please reach out to the nurse via email and then the they will respond with some options. If the nurse is available you can also ‘knock on the door’.

Online Session Instructions

  1. Make sure your device has a webcam and microphone to communicate with the nurse.

  2. To arrive at your appointment:

  3. Below, find the Nurse with whom you have an appointment.

  4. "Knock on the Door" of the Nurse 5 minutes before your appointment.

  5. Agree to the Informed Consent Statement.

  6. Click on the Canvas icon and use your COD username and password to log in.

  7. Once logged in, wait for the nurse to allow you to "Enter Meeting" to start your session.

  8. To end the session, click on "Exit Meeting" to take the survey and log out.

College Nurses​

Video chat with College Nurse Student Health and Wellness on Cranium Cafe