Participation in the CVC Course Exchange

How can I participate in the CVC-OEI Exchange?
As a COD instructor, your fully online course will automatically be made available through the exchange for cross-enrollment (enrollment between two colleges).

Your online course can be asynchronous or synchronous, as long as it is fully online. It cannot have any required on campus meetings.

How do Exchange students enroll in my class?
Note: Current COD students can enroll through Self-Service and do not need to register through the CVC-OEI Exchange to attend COD classes.

Student signs into and identifies their Home College.
Student searches for classes sorted by category (CSU, IGETC, or topic)
Student selects the desired course for enrollment.

What is the benefit of getting my course Quality Reviewed?
Courses appear in the search results based on the number of badges they have. Courses are eligible for the following badges:

Quality Reviewed: courses must complete the COD POCR Quality Review process to receive this badge
Zero Textbook Cost: courses marked as OER/ZTC receive this badge

Available courses are displayed to students in the following order:

  1. Available Home College courses
    1. Any Home College courses with a Quality Reviewed badge appear at the top of this list.
    2. Available Teaching College Courses
      1. Any Teaching College courses with a Quality Reviewed badge appear at the top of this list
    3. Any other available courses offered through other CCCs participating in the Exchange

Who can I contact to learn more about the COD POCR Quality Review process?
Contact our POCR Lead, Donna Greene, for more information about participating in the POCR Quality Review Process.


While faculty are the ones who initiate course shell review, scheduling of courses is a collaborative process. Per AP 4105, Online Education Initiative Course Exchange Scheduling should be mutually agreed upon by the Office of Instruction, Area deans (in collaboration with department chairs), the Distance Education and Instructional Design Coordinator, and the Academic Senate Educational Technology and Distance Education committee. As per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, all teaching assignments requiring Distance Education, including in the OEI Course Exchange, shall be voluntary on behalf of the faculty.

Our students will have access to online courses offered at colleges throughout the state without having to register at each college. It will help students who are unable to get a course needed for degree completion due to scheduling difficulties.

Faculty gets access to Course Design Specialists to assist with improving online teaching practices and we are joining a state-wide network of innovative faculty peers.

Course design is the foundation of an effective online course. The design of your course communicates to your students what you expect them to know or do, how they will do it, and how they will demonstrate their mastery to you. Effective course design ensures your students’ learning experience is transparent, eliminating the confusion and guesswork that can hinder student learning.


Check out these FAQs about the CVC Exchange

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