Active Student Clubs

Animation Club:

President: Alexandra Vega

Encouraging growth through portfolio building and to gain experience in film production/entertainment art.

Biology Club:

President: Adriana Canizales

Advisor: Alexa Sawa

To illustrate the various biology related career options that are available through presentations, activities, discussions, and field trips.

Chemistry Club:

President: Noemi Medina

Advisor: Joana Ciurash

To provide opportunities to students and develop curiosity for the field of chemistry through career developments, peer support and activities.


President: Mason Vega

Advisor: Martin Flores

Advance our students' understanding of computer information systems specifically in regard to cyber security.

Fire & EMS Club:

President: Georgina Calderon

Advisor: Cameron Miller

To develop future fire and EMS professionals in the Coachella Valley.

Fostering Knowledge Club:

President: Jasmine Lopez

Advisor: Philip Salas

We strive to provide former and current foster youth the support and confidence necessary to elevate their innate potential as the future of America.

Future Educators Club:

President: Edna Barragan

Advisor: Maria Avalos

Participate in community service, advocacy, leadership, and educational events at large within COD and the community.

International Club:

President: Mariana Godoy-Arias

Advisor: Marbella Ordaz

Representing all international students at COD on campus and in the community. Assisting international students with personal and academic concerns.

MESA Club:

President: Yasuko Smith

Advisor: Dr. Carl Farmer

To support College of the Desert students studying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects.

Roadrunner Makers Club:

President: Alexander Ivy

Advisor: Jonathan Gorges

Introduction to the technology of digital and physical art to students.

Roadrunner Robotics Club:

Advisor: Robert Kelbley

To inspire the College of the Desert students and community to engage in STEM education and activities such as robotics.

Rotoract Club:

President: Aliza Tyndale

Advisor: Scott Cooper

Working towards promoting community service at College of the Desert and our community.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club:

President: Ruby Dewar

Advisor: Dean Steckman

LGBTQA+ students and allies becoming aware and involved on campus and in the community, and promote a safe environment for all students.

Student Nurses Association Club:

President: George Gil Perez

Advisor: Mary Suarez

(Student Nursing Association) To aid in the development and professional role and responsibility for the health care of all people in all walks of life. Contributions to nursing education.

Student Veterans Organization Club:

President: Kerry Duncan

Advisor: Donni Prince

To promote camaraderie, professionalism, and education among Veterans and members of the Armed Forces.

Women in STEM Club:

Advisor: Donna Blanton

To develop a platform for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics and form a supportive community.