Outcomes and Assessment Committee


Meeting Schedule:

1st Thursday of every academic month from 12:30 to 1:50 via Zoom during COVID-19 restrictions, otherwise located in SOC-13.


The Outcomes and Assessment Committee is responsible for coordinating Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment, Program Review, and Program Review Updates.


Accreditation; Chris Jones-Cage, Chair


Statement on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment:

In concert with the nationwide effort amongst colleges and universities to create an evidence based process which documents the effectiveness of teaching and learning, as well as improvements to that process, College of the Desert is positioned to enrich the lives of our students by stating and assessing learning outcomes. Faculty at the college believe in integrative general education that encompasses not only knowledge and abilities, but values, attitudes and habits that create success within and outside of the academic arena.

Learning is a complex process. Assessing learning should reflect the adequacy and intricacy of its subject. Effective assessment includes diverse methods of measurement designed to give educators an understanding of how students learn and perform over time. Therefore, assessment is ongoing, revealing change, growth and increasing degrees of integration. As our picture of learning comes into clear view, we provide ourselves with a solid foundation for improving our students’ educational experience.

We begin with statements of expected learning at the course, program and institution level. These statements are discussed, publicized and shared amongst all college constituents. Courses, programs and the institution are assessed according to the statements, aligned with faculty intention and curriculum design in mind and compared to the college’s mission all with the purpose of clarifying our vision and implementing changes as needed.

Data acquired through the assessment process provides evidence for curriculum reform, planning, resource allocation, organizational leadership, staff and student development. To maintain the integrity of student learning outcomes assessment, knowledge and information coming out of assessment is not a part of faculty evaluation. Ultimately, we want to discover the best learning conditions for our students at every level and during every part of their educational experience.

As we embark upon understanding students’ educational experience in the 21st century, faculty at College of the Desert recognize that student learning is a campus wide responsibility and assessment is a way of executing that responsibility. While faculty are the main drivers of this movement, we appreciate that we will also rely upon participation from student services, librarians, administrators, and students. Assessment may also involve community members such as alumni/ae, trustees, employers. It is our shared understanding of assessment as a continual learning cycle which includes measurement, feedback, reflection, and change that will foster teaching excellence as we challenge and support our students’ active engagement in the learning process.


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