Online Teaching Success

Online faculty know the challenges that can exist in an online learning environment. Some challenges are not that different from a face-to-face learning environment, but others are unique to the virtual environment.

At COD we are committed to improving our retention and success rates in online courses. And while there is no "perfect" answer to how we can improve student success, there are things we can be aware of and address as we strive to improve online education.

  • Here are 14 "Best Practices" in A Return to​ Best Practices for Teaching Online, based off the updated edition of the book The Online Teaching Survival Guide​.
  • If we create courses with "connected explanations and examples," could we better meet student need? Unpacking the Problem of Unmotivated Online Students is an article from ​​EdSurge exploring the idea of how motivational aspects can be developed into a well designed online course.
  • It is important that faculty ensure accessibility for all students in their courses. Unfortunately, publishers are not required to provide accessible resources and faculty often assume that the course materials coming from publishers are accessible. This article, Accessibil-IT: Interacting with IT Vendors, from ​TechEdge has tips for working with publishers to ensure accessible materials for all!
  • In a world where close to 100% of courses include some video content, reading Student Uses and Perception​​s of Closed Captions & Transcripts​ will help you understand why captioning those videos helps all students.

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