CANVAS Help Options

CANVAS offers a great wealth of self-help resources for both faculty and student users. You are encouraged to utilize these resources to answer questions and solve CANVAS issues!

Resource #1

CANVAS Instructor Guides provide step-by-step directions to help you build your course. This is your first stop for all questions CANVAS!

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Resource #2

If CANVAS is malfunctioning, you can submit a help ticket directly from within your course. You can even snap an image of the error and submit it with your ticket so the CANVAS support team can see the issue.
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Resource #3

If you cannot access CANVAS or there are other issues you need help with, please contact your instructor, or Admissions and Records.

Resource #4

The CANVAS Community of users are constantly adding to a knowledge base of tips and resources to help maximize the tools and features of CANVAS. Ask a questions of the community and find answers! You can access the community directly from your CANVAS account menu.

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