CANVAS Quick Tips

This page contains resources to help you with specific CANVAS-related issues you may have.

Tips Sheets

These are tip sheets from other colleges, but they provide very succinct steps for some of the most common CANVAS actions you will perform over and over. Print one and keep it as a reference!
Other Help Sheets (this area will be added to)


VeriCite is the embedded tool within CANVAS for plagiarism detection. Any assignment you create can be submitted directly to VeriCite but from within CANVAS. For getting started with VeriCite, you can review theVeriCite Quick Start Guide
The VeriCite User Guide is much more extensive and can be searched for the specific issue you are interested in:
For an abbreviated version of the guide that focuses on the areas COD faculty will mostly likely need, you can find that version here: VeriCite User Guide (abbreviated for faculty)

There is more help with VeriCite at the VeriCite help pages.