Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) include the knowledge, skills, and abilities embedded within every aspect of our college to inspire and enhance each student’s transferable learning skills. The ILOs represent the broad categories of competence that enable students to be successful in further education, careers, as citizens and in their personal lives. These ILOs were written collaboratively by faculty, approved by the Academic Senate, and mapped to PLOs.

Critical Thinking

Apply principles of logic to analyze problems, develop arguments, and derive conclusions.


Use various communication modalities effectively and participate in the exchange of ideas.

Information Literacy

Demonstrate the critical competencies for finding, assessing, synthesizing, and applying factual evidence from information sources in an ethical and legal manner.

Scientific Inquiry

Interpret quantitative and qualitative data logically to solve problems and innovate.


Evaluate cultural and natural forms according to objective and subjective aesthetic criteria.

Professional Development

Self-evaluate knowledge, skills, and abilities in the pursuit of realistic goals.

Personal Development

Develop the self-awareness, confidence, and discipline to pursue intellectual curiosities.

Global Citizenship

Recognize the interconnectedness of global, national, and local concerns and develop respect for diverse cultures and viewpoints.


Apply ethical reasoning to contemporary issues and moral dilemmas with integrity.

Social Justice

Recognize and respect diversity, promote equity, and practice environmental and social justices in our communities.​