Academic Review

Certificates and Degrees are extremely important. They show an employer that you have completed multiple classes with a passing grade and have the required work experience needed. Certificates indicate that you have completed a number of different classes that required book work as well as hands on tasks. They often indicate that you are proficient in the theory, as well as repair procedures of the systems of the certificate achieved. Degrees show that you have a profound knowledge of all systems on a vehicle. Both Certificates and Degrees are nationally recognized by all aspects of the Automotive industry.

Se​t up a meeting with an advisor to see if/when you can apply for your Automotive Certificates or Degrees.

Feel free to stop by the automotive department and see if any of the advisors are available.

To set up an appointment email one of the following advisors:

Dorothy Anderson –

Keith Prouty II –


Please have a print out of your un-official transcript from Web Advisor available