Work Request

In the Automotive department, we are always interested in real-life automobile problems that we can expose our students to. We accept work from the students and general public IF it fits into the curriculum of our courses.
We will refuse work if the classes are busy or if it does not meet the Service Policy Guidelines. Please review the Guidelines, then feel free to use the work request link on the left. If the vehicle fits into our classes, we will call you to set up an appointment.

Service Policy Guidelines:

  1. No vehicles can stay overnight without the full-time faculty or full-time laboratory attendant’s approval.

    If a repair does not go well and the car has to stay please email one of them what it needs and when it will be completed.

  2. All work will be completed by students, supervised by the instructor.

  3. Registered owner must sign a repair order before work can begin.

  4. Carefully read the disclaimer before signing the repair order.

  5. The vehicle will be brought in for a diagnosis before we agree to work on it and before we establish a completion time.

  6. There is a suggested minimum donation of 10% - 20% of the industry standard labor charge.

    The funds are used to help offset consumables, shop supplies and equipment.

  7. Vehicles must be 12 years old or newer.

    Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Vehicles that are older than 2000 are not excepted.

  8. Please remove any valuables from the vehicle before bringing in the vehicle.

    Neither College of the Desert agent nor the students are responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles being serviced.

  9. Please leave all vehicle keys, gas cap key, wheel lock keys and alarm transmitters when the vehicle is dropped off.

    Do NOT leave any other keys

  10. Work is taken in based on how well it fits into current automotive curriculum based on the discretion of the instructor.

  11. Some services can be completed in a day; some service may take several weeks. We try not to leave vehicles overnight.

  12. The customer is responsible for the cost of parts and materials.

    It is recommended that factory parts be purchased from a local dealership.

    College of the Desert automotive department does not charge labor.

    Donations to the automotive department are appreciated.

  13. Discuss the fact that after diagnosing a concern and/or before any repairs are done, the customer should contact the dealership to see if the repairs are covered under warranty.

  14. Students are NOT to drive school cars even in the school lots.

    If they are accompanied by an instructor, in the PSA lot is permitted, but the insurance coverage is not standard on these cars.

  15. Students may drive a customer car if they have a license, and if we deem them responsible.

  16. Due to the automotive department limitation on space, we will be charging a fee of a $10.00 per week if your vehicle must stay at our shop for more than two weeks

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