Basic Firefighter Academy

The College of the Desert Public Safety Academy FIRE 063A (Basic Firefighter Academy-Part 1) is the first required course of a sequential two semester accredited State Fire Marshal (SFM) Basic Firefighter Academy designed to provide cadets with a basic knowledge of fire service operations and the entry level skills required by the vast majority fire departments nationwide. Completion of this certificate satisfies the manipulative and academic training requirements as established by the SFM to become certified as a Fire Fighter 1.

Successful completion of both FIRE 063A and FIRE 063B (Basic Firefighter Academy-Part 2) are required to be eligible to apply for the State Firefighter I Certificate. The extended Academy amounts to college units and a student completing the academy will receive certificates of achievement through the California State Fire Marshal’s Office and IFSAC / Pro Board, California State Training Institute, the National Wildland Coordinating Group, and FEMA.

This certificate provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to safely perform, under minimal supervision, essential and advanced fire ground tasks. These shall include basic rescue operations, auto extrication, basic fire suppression, prevention and investigation, a basic knowledge of the "Incident Command System" (ICS) and an introduction to the potential dangers of hazardous materials. In addition, students will learn to use, inspect and maintain various types of firefighting and rescue equipment. Completion of this certificate satisfies the manipulative and academic training requirements as established by the SFM to become certified as a Fire Fighter 1. This certificate is also nationally recognized by the IFSAC / Pro Board standard of certification for the Fire Fighter I.

The COD-PSA Basic Fire Academy is accredited through the California State Fire Marshal’s Office and adheres to the SFM’s 2019 Certified Firefighter I requirements.

To Apply

  1. Complete or enroll in Fire 001, Principles of Emergency Services (3 unit course).

  2. Complete or sign-up for one of the following:



* If you are interested but do not meet all of the pre-requisites for the BFFA, please reach out to Robert C. Perotti for available options.

  1. Complete: BFFA APPLICATION FALL 2024
    Please review the application and make sure it is completely filled out with the appropriate verifications attached before submission.

  2. Applications are due prior to: Friday, June 7, 2024


Important Information:

  • Students who do not possess an EMT Certificate when applying are required to complete an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) 3-unit course prior to acceptance to the Fire Academy as per State Fire Marshall regulations.

  • An EMT certificate and successful completion of Fire 001 are required as per COD guidelines prior to receipt of the Fire Academy Completion Certificate.

  • Class meets weekends and several Fridays as outlined in the catalog. Attendance is mandatory for each day of instruction throughout the Academy, as per State Fire Training Guidelines.


Turnout Gear Rental Information:


The student will be required to rent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the duration of the Fire Academy. The student may be required to pay a rental fee of approximately $850.00 for the duration of the series. Note that sponsored students may be provided full structural PPE, provided the gear meets NFPA specifications for all aspects of Firefighting and IDLH atmospheres. Note that Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) will be provided by the Fire Academy.


Uniform Purchasing Information:


Specific vendor and uniform standards and specifications will be provided at the student orientation date, as yet to be determined.


Important Information:


For information regarding pre-requisites and/or how to apply please contact:
Robert C. Perotti, PSA Fire Academy Manager at (760) 776-7255 or Also, Public Safety Academy staff at (760) 674-3765 or