Police Science


The Police Science program provides training for careers in law enforcement as well as related fields in corrections, courts, security and community service. The program offers one level of job entry training, as well as an Associate’s Degree designed to enhance professional skills and qualifications. The job entry training level is the Reserve Police Officer Certificate of Achievement. This level consists of the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified Module III and Module II, Basic Peace Officer Training courses. Satisfactory completion of these courses establishes eligibility for hire as a Level-III or Level-II Reserve Peace Officer in the State of California.


With the Reserve Police Officer Certificate of Achievement a Police Science Associate’s Degree is attainable with an additional 18 units of required courses, 18 units of General Education and 5 units of electives.


Basic Peace Officer Training courses are non-traditional courses subject to state regulations prescribed by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Students desiring to enroll in any POST certified Basic Peace Officer Training courses must be 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license, be fingerprinted and present a Department of Justice signed clearance letter to possess a firearm on the first day of class. There are also certain physical and moral character requirements for peace officers. Students wanting to register for POST courses at COD who are unsure if they meet the POST requirements are urged to contact the Academy Director or designee prior to enrollment.




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