Employability Skills


Workers in the 21st Century must be prepared for changes that could completely transform their careers at any time.

The "Using Employability/Soft Skills to Create Pathways" program provides curriculm that strenghtens your skills in the areas identified as the top "Professional Competencies" required for success in the 21st Century workplace:  solving problems; developing a design mindset; recognizing change as opportunity; facing challenges and accepting failure as a learning experience; communication, collaboration and empathy on the job; digital fluency; and social diversity awareness.  

Discover credit and FREE non-credit course options whether you're preparing for a job placement, new to the workforce, or an experience professional!  New World of Work short-term courses combine classroom learning with real world experience to help you mast 21st Century Skills needed for success in any workplace.

Benefits of Taking Employabilty Skills courses:

  • Increased knowledge of transferrable skills
  • Earn academic credit
  • Earn digital badge upon successful completion of the course(s) to showcase via LinkedIn, resume, and/or employment applications
  • Short-term courses (only two weeks long and completely online)