Student Testimonials

Meet Emmanuel Rodriguez-Leon

student working at desk

Emmanuel gained employment as a student worker at COD's Student Welcome Center, fielding calls and assisting other students as they navigate their way towards a successful college career. He was able to earn college credits through the college’s Work Experience Program and gained valuable and marketable skills.

Interested in discovering your wild side?

foresty workers

Through a partnership with our Natural Resources Program, Mt. San Jacinto State Park, students are encouraged to apply and work as paid Wilderness Park Aids while earning college units through the Work Experience Program. Currently the Park employs four paid rangers and two volunteer rangers, all of which are COD alumni. 

Barry working at a local dealership

Barry's persistence paid off!
After finding a volunteer position with a local dealership's service department, Barry enrolled in the Automotive Technology Work Experience Program.  Barry not only earned college credit through this experiential opportunity but also enhanced his employability skills, which ultimately led to being offered a paid position.  Congratulations, Barry!