Getting Started

Transfer Students:

If you have attended another college and are NEW to COD, you will need to meet with a counselor to verify prerequisites and possibly waive orientation, even if you have submitted official transcripts to Admissions and Records.

The California Community College Chancellor's Office is requiring all community colleges to move to their Community College Common Admission Application that has been upgraded for a more user-friendly environment. You will see a notable question that is a result of AB620. This new admission application will collect information regarding the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression of students that students may choose to provide.

To address privacy concerns all responses

  • will be voluntary

  • will be kept private and secure

  • will not be available to admissions personnel

  • will be used only for summary demographic reporting

The aim of AB620 is to learn as much as colleges can about who their students are so that the appropriate support services can be provided and to help shape a campus climate that is responsive to students' diverse needs.

Steps for Getting Started

Follow the "Get Started Now" link at the bottom of the page to start these steps

  • Step 1: Complete the online Application

  • Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

  • Step 3: Log Into

  • Step 4: New Student Orientation

  • Step 5: Guided Self-Placement

  • Step 6: Attend the "My First Schedule" workshop

  • Step 7: Register

  • Step 8: Pay for your classes

  • Step 9: Meet with a Counselor