How to Access ConferZoom in Canvas

Follow the steps below to access ConferZoom in Canvas.​

  • Step 1

    From the College of the Desert homepage, click on the "MyCOD" link.

    College of the Desert main webpage screen. Large red arrow pointing down towards MyCOD portal link on right hand side of page.
  • Step 2

    On the MyCOD Student Portal page, click on the "Canvas" direct link.

    MyCOD Student Portal Webpage. Six direct links listed at the bottom of the page. Red arrow pointing towards Canvas link and logo.
  • Step 3

    Enter your username and password to log in.

    Username and Password text entry box. Yellow arrow pointing towards Log In button.
  • Step 4

    Select your course tile on your Dashboard.

    Canvas Dashboard with arrow pointing at course tile.

    or select Courses on the left-hand side of the screen and either click on your Course name or click "All Courses" to find your course.

    Canvas course menu with red arrow pointing towards highlighted box for All Courses link.
  • Step 5

    Select "Conferzoom" from course menu.

    Red arrow pointing towards highlighted box for ConferZoom link.
  • Step 6

    Select the class meeting you wish to join from the Upcoming Events section.

    Conferzoom event calendar showing scheduled class meeting time. Red box highlighted around a scheduled class meeting for July 20th.

    When your class begins, a blue box that says “Join” will appear. You will click on the “Join” button to begin your class meeting. You will not be able to join the class meeting before the scheduled time.

    Conferzoom event details with red arrow pointing towards highlighted box around Join button.