GED Test


What is the GED?

General Education Development tests (GED) give adults who have not graduated from high school the opportunity to earn a high school level equivalency certificate.

The total time of the GED test is 7 ½ hours.

The GED test is comprised of four subjects:

  1. Reasoning through Language Arts (3 sections - with a total time of 150 minutes)

  2. Section 1 - Tests all content 35 minutes

  3. Section 2 - Extended Response 45 minutes

  4. Required break 10 minutes

  5. Section 3 -Tests all content 60 minutes

  6. Mathematical Reasoning (1 section 2 parts - with a total time of 115 minutes - parts not timed separately)

  7. Part 1 - (first 5 questions) calculator not allowed

  8. Part 2 - (remaining 41 questions) calculator allowed

  9. Social Studies (2 sections - with a total time of 90 minutes)

  10. Section 1 - tests all content 25 minutes

  11. Section 2 - extended response 65 minutes

  12. Science (1 section - total 90 minutes)

  13. There are two short answer questions included on the test, but they are not timed separately.
    Students are expected to manage their time and spend about 10 minutes on each of the short answer questions.

GED Certificate

Most postsecondary institutions, licensing boards, and some branches of the armed services accept the GED certificate as they would a traditional high school diploma. Check to be sure of the certificate requirements towards your individual goals.

For more information and testing sites, please call CA State Office of Education's GED website 1-877-392-6433  or via email at Hours; Moday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-7:00p.m. CT; Closed on local holidays.