How to Register for ESLN Courses on WebAdvisor

Follow the steps below to access WebAdvisor and register for ESLN Courses.

  • Step 1

    From the College of the Desert homepage, click on "MyCOD".

    College of the Desert main webpage screen. Large red arrow pointing down towards MyCOD portal link on right hand side of page.
  • Step 2

    Click on the "WebAdvisor" direct link at the bottom of the page.

    MyCOD Student Portal Webpage. Six direct links listed at the bottom of the page. Red arrow pointing towards WebAdvisor link and logo.
  • Step 3

    On the WebAdvisor screen, select "Log In".

    Yellow box highlighted around Log In link.
  • Step 4

    Enter your username and password.

    User ID and Password text entry box. Checkbox underneath Password text entry box that states Show Hint.
  • Step 5

    Click on the "Students" button.

    Red box highlighted around blue Students link.
  • Step 6

    Select "Register for Sections" under the "Registration" section.

    Registration menu section with seven different links below. Red box highlighted around Register for Sections link.
  • Step 7

    Click the "Search and Register for Sections" link.

    Four different registration option links. Red box highlighted around Search and register for sections.
  • Step 8

    Select the term and subject (ESL Noncredit) in the designated fields and then click “Submit” to search for available sections.

    Search/Register for Sections page. Red box highlighted around drop down menus for Term, Subject, and Submit button.
  • Step 9

    Check the box next to the section you would like to register for.

    Redbox highlighted next to checkbox for desired section. Section information includes term, status, and section name and title.
  • Step 10

    Select “Register” from the Action Drop-down then click "Submit"

    Red box highlighted around action drop down menu with Register option selected. Another red box highlighted around Submit button at bottom of page.