Mission Statement

The mission of COD Counseling is to support the exploration and development of the academic, career, and personal goals of all students. COD counselors are professional, credentialed faculty who assist students to effectively and successfully progress through the (their individually defined) educational process. COD counseling faculty and staff are committed to providing all students with (equal) access to an array of counseling services.
Title V of the California Educational Code outlines these services as:

Academic Counseling

Counselors use assessment data, prior academic history, and life experiences to determine the academic preparedness of the student. Counselors work closely with students to formulate a student educational plan that will best meet the needs of the student.

Career Counseling

Counselors recognize the important role Career Guidance and Counseling plays in not only retention efforts, but also in helping students to identify their academic and personal goals. Students who can clearly identify their college goals are more likely to succeed and complete their college education.

Personal Counseling

Counselors are skilled at assisting students with a variety of concerns which affect their educational goals.

The variety of described counseling services is available on a day and evening basis to current and prospective students.

The COD Counseling Services staff encourages current and prospective students and members of the community to utilize the resources available through our office. Phone 760.773.2521 for further information. We look forward to working with you!