Registration Checklist

To help you get started as a student at College of the Desert, please complete the items below. If you need assistance, call 760.773.2521 and leave a message with your name, phone number and student ID number.

  1. COD Application and Student ID Number

    I completed the COD application and received my COD Student ID via email.

  2. Log into MyCod Self-Service Portal and set up MyCod email

    I have logged into the Office 365 MyCOD portal.

  3. Online Orientation

    I have logged into the Self-Service Portal, clicked on the Take the Student Orientation link and reviewed all the orientation sections.

  4. PLEDGE/EDGE (optional)

    I am a recent local high school graduate (or equivalent) and have completed the EDGE/PLEDGE application on line to see if I am eligible.

  5. Financial Aid (optional) 760-773-2532

    Required for all PLEDGE/EDGE students. I have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or California Dream Act Application.

  6. Select Classes for your Major

    I have either attended or watched the My First Schedule Workshop video and selected courses for my major and/or general education goals.

    1. Guided self-placement tools are also available to further assist with Math and English course selection and registration.

      To access the tools, click on the buttons below.

  7. Meet with a Counselor

    I will meet with a counselor to review my classes, if necessary. I can either call 760-773-2521 to set up a callback from a counselor or go to the Counseling Center to meet a counselor in person.

  8. Learn how to Register

    I have viewed the How to register for classes using Self-Service video. I have practiced using Self Service.

  9. Registration Date

    I will view my registration date/time one (1) week before priority registration starts by placing courses on my student plan in the Self-Service Portal and clicking on the Register Now button.  A message will appear if my registration date and time is in the future.  If I don't see anything, I will call 760-773-2521 to verify my registration information.

  10. Registration

    On my priority registration date, I will enroll in the classes I have selected. I have viewed the registration video from step 8 to learn how to register.

  11. Pay Fees

    I have paid my fees online using the Make a Payment link. Students receiving financial aid and PLEDGE students will not have to pay before classes start.

  12. Attend Classes

    I will attend in-person classes on the first day they meet and/or check in on Canvas for online courses. If I added myself to a waitlist, I will contact the professor to request permission to be added to the class. Once approved, I will sign into my Self-Service Portal, see the "Authorized for Add" flag and click on the Register Now button.

If you require accommodations, please contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at 760.773.2534 or

Revised June 15, 2023​