Interpreter Requests

Interpreting Services Student Guidelines

I understand that if I am provided with Interpreting Services from the Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) at College of the Desert, then I will accept and adhere to the following guidelines and responsibilities:


I will check my College of the Desert email regularly for correspondence from the Interpreting Services Coordinator (ISC), as this will be the main source of communication between DSPS and myself

Requesting Services:

I understand I may have priority registration, and I need to register on my designated day. I will come to the DSPS office ASAP after I register each semester to request interpreting services. I understand that if I make my request less than 2 weeks before classes start, then it is likely that I will not have interpreters arranged by the start of class.


I will contact the ISC by email, phone, or in person 24 hours in advance of any absences from class.

If I do not give 24 hours notice of an absence, I will be considered a "No-Show".

If I am going to miss a class on Monday, then I will contact the ISC by Friday afternoon to avoid being considered a "No-Show".


I realize the importance of being on time for class. I understand that the interpreter will only wait 10 minutes for each hour that the class is scheduled up to a 30 minute maximum. If I do not show up before the end of this waiting period, then I will be considered a "No-Show", and no interpreter will be provided.

If I contact the ISC to let her know that I am running late, then, if possible, my interpreter will be asked to wait for me until I arrive.

Suspension of Services:

I am allowed only two ''No Shows" per class or four "No Shows" overall per semester. I understand that ifl am a "No-Show" three times in one class, or five times overall, then my interpreting services may be temporarily suspended. Services may only be reinstated after I meet with the DSPS Director/designee.

Once my services are reinstated, I understand that ifl am a ''No-Show" again, then my services may be suspended for the rest of the semester Wltil a formal complaint is filed and ruled upon.

Changes to Class Schedule:

I will notify the ISC immediately if there are any changes to my class schedule (if I drop a class, room changes, etc.)

Interpreters for Outside of Class:

If I need class-related interpreting services outside of a scheduled class time, (e.g. teacher conference, field trip, etc.),

I will make the request to the ISC using the appropriate form, at least one week in advance.

Interpreting Problems:

If I have complaints about an interpreter, I will first discuss it with the interpreter and then, only if the problem is not resolved, discuss it with the ISC. I will report "Interpreter No Shows" to the ISC immediately.


I will notify the ISC in advance of all test days. If I have test-taking accommodations and I decide to take my exam in the DSPS office, then no interpreter will be provided. I will request interpreters for my final exams two weeks in advance.


I will not have personal conversations with the interpreter while he/she is interpreting in class. I will follow the College Conduct Standards. I understand that a violation of these Standards may result in suspension of services.