Checklist for Current COD Students Applying for DSPS​

To help you get started as a DSPS student at College of the Desert, please complete the checklist below for Current COD Students. If you need assistance, contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at 760.773.2534 or email the DSPS office.

  1. Verification of Disability - 760.773.2534. Email DSPS copies of your disability documents and/or medical records related to your disability(s). Examples include the most recent testing, psychological, triennial report, IEP, 504 plan, audiological report and/or doctor’s verification. The Disability Verification Form (opens pdf), if applicable, is to be completed by a licensed professional and emailed to the DSPS office.

  2. Schedule Intake Appointment with DSPS Counselor - call 760.773.2534 or email DSPS. Once you have provided your disability documentation to DSPS, you are ready to schedule your appointment.

  3. Attend DSPS Intake Appointment - 760.773.2534. Complete your intake appointment with a DSPS Counselor.

  4. Faculty Notification Letter - call 760.773.2534 or email DSPS. Obtain your Faculty Notification Letter from DSPS each semester and provide a copy to your instructor(s).

  5. Counseling Follow Up Appointment - call 760.773.2534 or email DSPS. Meet with a DSPS Counselor once per semester to discuss your progress and continue to develop your Student Education Plan (SEP) to map out your future academic goals.