Students attending the club rush event

Student Clubs and Organizations

At College of the Desert, the Office of Student Life supports student clubs and organizations that serve the diverse interests of our students. Clubs/Organizations are composed of students with like-minded interests who come together for a common purpose and/or to support a particular cause. There are recreational, educational, political, cultural, religious, and service clubs and organizations, as well as other groups that all COD students are eligible to join. Students are also encouraged to form additional clubs to meet their special needs or interests.

All clubs/organizations must submit an ASCOD Student Club/Organization Charter Packet annually to the Office of Student Life in order to receive official recognition from COD. Charter Packets are available at the Office of Student Life.

All clubs/organizations must re-charter at the beginning of every academic year, and have a one month grace period to re-charter before voting and membership privileges to the Inter-Club Council are revoked.

Whether you are starting a new club or re-chartering an existing club, you'll need to complete a Charter Packet Application. The application must be submitted for approval by ASCOD each year. The Charter Packet Application is reviewed and verified by the Office of Student Life before being given to ASCOD. ASCOD will then vote to approve all charters at their weekly Monday meetings.

Upon approval, the Student Club/Organization will be notified by email. Once officially chartered, clubs to will be entitled to meet, hold events and activities, participate in college sponsored events, raise funds, make purchases, and otherwise operate as an official entity of College of the Desert.

Club Requirements:

  • The primary Advisor must be a either full-time or adjunct faculty employee of the Desert Community College District. The Co-Advisor may be any college employee.

  • There must be at least ten (10) currently enrolled COD students listed on the Roster page with Student ID numbers.

  • An Inter-Club Council Rep must be assigned and available to attend the bi-weekly meetings.

  • The Club Advisor or Co-Advisor must be present at all Club meetings and Club events.

Club Forms: