TRiO Student Support Services
DSPS Student Benefits


All TRiO SSS-DSPS participants receive assistance from their TRiO SSS-DSPS counselor in preparing a COD Student Educational Plan (SEP), selecting the appropriate major, associate degree, certificate and transfer courses, applying for financial aid, and developing career goals. These individualized counseling services are available until TRiO SSS-DSPS student’s graduate and transfer from COD.

Graduation and Transfer Assistance:

TRiO SSS-DSPS students are assisted with selecting the appropriate courses necessary to receive an associate degree or a certificate from COD and to transfer to a four-year university.

Financial Literacy and Scholarship Assistance:

All students will receive financial and economic literacy counseling services to include financial planning for postsecondary education. Students are provided information on Federal student financial aid programs and benefits and resources for locating public and private scholarships. In addition, participants are also assisted with completing the application (FAFSA) for financial aid and scholarships for their COD enrollment and for their transfer universities and or colleges.

Cultural Events and College Tours:

TRiO SSS-DSPS students are offered opportunities to attend various local and regional academic and cultural events, such as college tours and museum visits.

Priority Registration:

Eligible TRiO SSS-DSPS students can register for classes on the 1st priority date assigned for class registration.


College Success, Study Skills and Student Development Workshops help students develop and enhance important skills allowing them to achieve and successfully accomplish their academic goals.

Free Tutoring:

Free one-on-one and tutoring assistance in most subjects is made available to all TRiO SSS-DSPS students in both the TRiO SSS-DSPS Lab and the Tutoring and Academic Skills Center.

Computer Support and Lab:

TRiO SSS-DSPS Participants have access to desktop computers and printers. Laptop computers (with internet and some with Wi-Fi) are also available exclusively to TRiO SSS-DSPS students to use in the computer lab. Internet gives students access to complete on-line course assignments, search the web, My COD e-mail, and Web Advisor (i.e. to register and drop classes).

Live Scribe Pen and Textbooks:

Live Scribe Pens are available to TRiO SSS-DSPS students to check out for the semester (Based on availability). Textbooks are available for TRiO SSS-DSPS students to use in office (Based on availability).​