Student Service Outcomes

The mission of the Tutoring and Academic Skills Center (TASC) is to support independent study by instructional technologies and tutorial services to improve student knowledge and skills in English as a second language, foreign languages, math, sciences, writing across the curriculum, and a range of other courses. The TASC builds student self-confidence and academic preparation for success in college and life.

Student Service Outcomes

COD students visiting the TASC will:

  • Be able to identify an academic reason (tutoring or independent study) when signing in at any TASC location, with assistance from TASC faculty and/or staff.

COD students participating in tutoring will:

  • Improve their understanding of their course material.
  • Gain confidence with their course material.

Student peer tutors will:

  • Gain professional skills.
  • Improve skills in their subject area.

Connect with TASC 

TASC encourages faculty, staff, and students to visit our various campus locations to learn more about the resources and services available. For more information, call us at (760) 776-7241.