Under the auspice and affiliation of the African-American Male Education Network Development (A²MEND), the Student Charter of A²MEND is a student support structure that seeks to establish an affirming environment where African American male students and other men of color are able to thrive. The aim of the A²MEND student charter is to improve academic success and to develop culturally competent servant student leaders. The student charters of A²MEND provide educational, cultural, social, and intellectual programs that promote positivity and brotherhood among its members.

​A2mend Scholarship Winners:
Alusondro Hamilton 2018
Kobe Rushing 2019
David Keesee 2020
David Keesee 2021
Emmanuel Doublin 2022
Koye Shoroye 2023

Timmy Tyson 2024


A2MEND Brothers

A2MEND Brothers 2