Upcoming and Past Events

Events Spring 2024

Date Event Location Time
February 13th Black Knowledge Bowl BSSC 4:30pm
February 14th BSSC Meeting and A2MEND BSSC 12:30pm
February 20th COD Talks: Miyoshi Price Cravens, MPR 3:30pm
February 21st 97th Regiment, Civil War, Colored Troop Enactment Amphitheatre Lawn 3:00pm
February 28th Reggae Concert: Tribe-O Amphitheatre 12:00pm
March 6th-8th A2MEND Summit Los Angeles, Hyatt  All Day

Past Events Fall 2023

Date Event Time
Thursday, September 7th BSSC Open House 12:00 pm
Wednesday, September 20th Financial Literacy Workshop 12:00pm
Wednesday, October 26th Block Party 12:00pm-2:00pm
TBD Scholarship Workshop TBD
TBD Drumming Workshop TBD
TBD Biology Workshop TBD
TBD Nursing Workshop TBD
TBD Open Mic TBD
Tuesday November 21st Friends Giving 12:00 pm
Friday, December 8th Palm Springs Tram 2:00 pm

Past Events Spring 2023

Date Event Location Time
2/2/2022 African Americans and Mental Health BSSC 12 pm
2/7/2022 African Art Exhibit Marks Art Center 4 pm
2/14/2022 COD Talks Waymon Fermon Craven's MPR 3:30 pm
2/21/2022 Black 365 Knowledge Bowl Craven's MPR 5 pm
2/28/2022 Tribe-O Amphitheatre 12-2 pm
2/25/2022 Palm Springs Black History Parade Palm Springs All Day
3/2-3/3 African American Male Summit Los Angeles Hyatt All Day
3/14/2023 One Future Coachella Valley Scholarship Workshop BSSC/ Zoom 12 - 1 pm
4/11/2023 Scholarship Writing Workshop BSSC/ Zoom 12-1 pm
4/27/2023 BSSC South Annex 9 Open House BSSC/ Zoom 12-2 pm
5/18/2023 BSSC South Annex 9 Pot Luck BSSC 12-2 pm