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College of the Desert District (DCCD) Foundation

The DCCD Foundation offers scholarships for continuing and transferring students. Qualifications for scholarships vary from type of major, GPA, number of units completed, county of residence, transfer goal, etc.
In order for students to be considered for a Foundation scholarship, he/she must complete the scholarship application and go through the eligibility and selection process. Scholarships are usually awarded to the student(s) who best fit the criteria as established by the donor and or organization providing the scholarship funds.
Read more about College of the Desert's Scholarship on the Financial Aid site.

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OneFuture Coachella Valley (OFCV)

OneFuture Coachella Valley​ works to help all students graduate prepared for college, career, and life — expanding and enhancing the local workforce so that our youth and economy thrive.

OneFuture Coachella Valley Health Care Scholarship for Black and or African American Students