CalWORKs Announcements

CalWORKs Status

  • If you still have not met with a CalWORKs counselor this term, please email us at to make an appointment and to ensure that your CalWORKs file is complete.

  • Remember that you must meet with a CalWORKs Counselor each term in order to be eligible for services for the term. If you do not meet with a CalWORKs Counselor during the term, you will not be eligible for your services.

  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA, successfully complete 50% of your classes and have a Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP) on file to maintain your first priority registration.

Remember to Read your COD Email

  • Remember that all CalWORKs email communication will be through your COD email. We strongly recommended that you check email regularly or that you forward your COD email to your personal email in order to stay updated on important college announcements and information.

  • Please see instructions on Ho​w to Forward your College of the Desert Email to your Personal Email​ (view answer under Email Questions section)