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COD Cares is a part of the Caring Campus Initiative, a national initiative that connects classified professionals, faculty, leadership and students to create an inclusive culture and learning environment across college campuses.

The Caring Campus Initiative helps ensure students feel welcome and cared for by their institution. It is particularly important for students who are less familiar with college or that come from historically underserved populations, as well as non-majority students, students from low-income households and first-generation students, to feel welcome and that they belong in college. 

Students at MESA Center at Palm Desert Campus

The Purpose of COD Cares

  • Students who feel connected to their colleges are more likely to be successful each semester and more likely to achieve their educational goals
  • Providing an environment where a student feels genuinely welcome and genuinely cared about creates change that can positively impact racial and economic inequities
  • In these times more than ever, it's critical that we are consistent and intentional in our commitments across our college and that we foster a culture of caring at College of the Desert
  • From the first impression to their daily experiences, it is important that students aren’t just told that they are valued – but that they FEEL valued and connected