California Dream Act
Service Incentive Grant Program
Next Steps

Next Steps

I think I am eligible! How do I apply?

Step 1 - Complete the DSIG application

Section 1: Provide your information. Make sure you have your DREAM ID.

Section 2: Must be completed by the Financial Aid Office. Email your form to or stop by the Financial Aid Office in person to have it completed.

Section 3: After the Financial Aid office completes Section 2, provide the form to your selected service organization to complete.

Section 4: After all sections have been completed, sign form and submit via email to 

Step 2 – Select organization and Perform volunteer hours

View the list of qualifying organizations

If your volunteering organization is not listed, have them submit a registration form to CSAC.

Once your application is approved, begin completing and tracking your service hours

Step 3 – Payment

You can request payment after performing at least 150 hours.
In order to request payment you must: