UndocuAllies at COD

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College of the Desert administrators, staff, and faculty members are committed to supporting Undocumented students on campus. The allies listed below have completed an UndocuAlly Training in order to increase their knowledge on how to help and support undocumented students.

Students: please feel free to reach out to any of the administrators, staff, and faculty members listed below if you have any questions about a program or a student service related to their department.

Task Force Members posing in Dreamer Center

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​More UndocuAllies are coming soon!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​UndocuAllies at COD

Last Name First Name Department Business Phone E-mail Address
Zepeda Mariana Counseling 760-423-6636 mazepeda@collegeofthedesert.edu
DeGrassi Aharon Social Science 760-565-4888 adegrassi@collegeofthedesert.edu
Lopez-Cortez Denise EDGE/PLEDGE   dlopezcortez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Calderon-Ayala Guadalupe EDGE/PLEDGE   lcalderon-ayala@collegeofthedesert.edu
Conradson Laurel TRIO ACES   lconradson@collegeofthedesert.edu
Diaz Bernice Foster Youth   bdiaz@collegeofthedesert.edu
Mijarez Elena Nursing   emijarez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Mendez Pahola EDGE/PLEDGE 760-776-7413 pmendez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Villalon Andrea Instruction   avillalon@collegeofthedesert.edu
Silveira Michael Math & Science 760-674-7798 msilveira@collegeofthedesert.edu
Mendoza Nashelle Career & Workforce Solutions   nmendoza@collegeofthedesert.edu
Lee Sara Counseling   slee@collegeofthedesert.edu
Delaughter Barbara International Education    bdelaughter@collegeofthedesert.edu
Perez Jorge Mathematics 674-7643 japerez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Abeytia Tiffany Financial Aid 568-3052 tabeytia@collegeofthedesert.edu
Aguilar Tony Counseling 4520 toaguilar@collegeofthedesert.edu
Airhart Alison English as a Second Language 568-7509 aairhart@collegeofthedesert.edu
Alvarado-Cantu Anthony Tutoring and Academic Skills Centers (TASC) 776-7497 aalvarado-cantu@collegeofthedesert.edu
Alvarez Vanessa Financial Aid 674-7796 valvarez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Ansley Wendy Kinesiology & Athletics 776-7203 wansley@collegeofthedesert.edu
Arbuckle Steve EOPS/CARE 773-2538 sarbuckle@collegeofthedesert.edu
Avalos Maria Child Development and Education 614-7817 maavalos@collegeofthedesert.edu
Banuelos Marissa Social Science 636-7992 mbanuelos@collegeofthedesert.edu
Bender Yolanda Business and Hospitality Industries 7605654804 ybender@collegeofthedesert.edu
Blanton Donna Mathematics 674-7840 dblanton@collegeofthedesert.edu
Blessing Kathleen Tutoring and Academic Skills Centers (TASC) 5997 kblessing@collegeofthedesert.edu
Bota Trachtenburg Neva English as a Second Language 7193 nevabota@collegeofthedesert.edu
Carey Melissa English as a Second Language 7138 mecarey@collegeofthedesert.edu
Carrillo Nellie Kinesiology & Athletics 5689 ncarrillo@collegeofthedesert.edu
Casas Liliana EDGE Program 7634 lcasas@collegeofthedesert.edu
Cathcart Jermaine Social Science 7436 jcathcart@collegeofthedesert.edu
Chase Prudence Student Learning 4832 pchase@collegeofthedesert.edu
Chavez Guadalupe Financial Aid 7632 gchavez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Craig Donovan English as a Second Language 5581 dcraig@collegeofthedesert.edu
Cruz Santoyo Maria English as a Second Language 776-7293 ecruzsantoyo@collegeofthedesert.edu
Daut Veronica Counseling 773-2587 vdaut@collegeofthedesert.edu
Davenport Linda English as a Second Language 6316 lidavenport@collegeofthedesert.edu
Dealba-Yount Claudia Foreign Languages 5583 cdealbayount@collegeofthedesert.edu
Derum Claudia Library 776-7258 cderum@collegeofthedesert.edu
Dozier Kim English/Reading 776-7208 kdozier@collegeofthedesert.edu
Espinosa Patricia Counseling 760-565-4848 pespinosa@collegeofthedesert.edu
Espinoza-Parra Oscar Student Success 674-7792 oespinoza-parra@collegeofthedesert.edu
Fuentes Maritza Admissions & Records 4517 mafuentes@collegeofthedesert.edu
Garcia Artel Foreign Languages 5641 argarcia@collegeofthedesert.edu
Garcia Dulce Foreign Languages 5821 dugarcia@collegeofthedesert.edu
Gaydos Rebecca English/Reading 760-565-4843 rgaydos@collegeofthedesert.edu
Glatfelter Angela Communication Studies 5762 aglatfelter@collegeofthedesert.edu
Glover Amy Sciences and Engineering 776-7232 aglover@collegeofthedesert.edu
Goddard Penny English as a Second Language 5566 pgoddard@collegeofthedesert.edu
Graff Laura Social Science 862-1334 LGraff@collegeofthedesert.edu
Graney John English as a Second Language 7124 jgraney@collegeofthedesert.edu
Graves Visa Financial Aid 776-7445 vgraves@collegeofthedesert.edu
Gudino Martinez Gabriela Foster Youth 5477 ggudinomartinez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Guilin Salvador Mathematics 5721 sguilin@collegeofthedesert.edu
Harris Elaine English as a Second Language 6960 eharris@collegeofthedesert.edu
Hart Carlene BSI / EDGE / plEDGE 773-2567 chart@collegeofthedesert.edu
Hernandez Ana Business 674-7824 anahernandez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Herrera Maria EOPS/CARE 674-7841 maherrera@collegeofthedesert.edu
Hubbard-Peace Heather English/Reading 7148 hhubbard-peace@collegeofthedesert.edu
Jazan Alejandro Communication Studies 568-3237 ajazan@collegeofthedesert.edu
Karp Michael Social Science 6566 mkarp@collegeofthedesert.edu
Knutson Milton English as a Second Language 5430 mknutson@collegeofthedesert.edu
Labiento John English as a Second Language 6324 jlabiento@collegeofthedesert.edu
Lopez Monica Counseling 674-7628 molopez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Luttrell Curt Admissions & Records 776-7441 cluttrell@collegeofthedesert.edu
Marhuenda-Donate Felix Mathematics 773-2523 fmarhuenda@collegeofthedesert.edu
Marin Tula TRIO DSPS 396-2152 tmarin@collegeofthedesert.edu
Martinez Carolina Upward Bound 776-7489 camartinez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Martinez Leslye EDDGE 776-7230 lemartinez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Martinez Luisana Admissions & Records 674-7794 lmartinez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Mayo Daniel Chemistry 760-565-4817 damayo@collegeofthedesert.edu
Mayo Josephine English as a Second Language 6964 jmayo@collegeofthedesert.edu
McGowan Eamon English as a Second Language 6941 emcgowan@collegeofthedesert.edu
Mcknight Sheila Social Science 518-618-8582 smcknight@collegeofthedesert.edu
Melton Christine Chemistry 674-7639 cmelton@collegeofthedesert.edu
Milligan Kristin Financial Aid 776-7428 kmilligan@collegeofthedesert.edu
Morales Irene EDDGE 760-636-7968 imorales@collegeofthedesert.edu
Moreno Ibarra Juan Upward Bound 862-1336 jumoreno@collegeofthedesert.edu
Nelson Kristen International Education 862-1385 knelson@collegeofthedesert.edu
O'Loghlin Donald Disabled Students Program & Services 776-7406 dologhlin@collegeofthedesert.edu
Ordaz Marbella International Education 760-776-7270 maordaz@collegeofthedesert.edu
Palafox Damian Mathematics 5449 dpalafox@collegeofthedesert.edu
Patel Nicole English as a Second Language 5719 nipatel@collegeofthedesert.edu
Perez Andre English as a Second Language 7002 anperez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Peters Joanie Financial Aid 776-7446 JPeters@collegeofthedesert.edu
Phillips Amanda Counseling 636-7962 afphillips@collegeofthedesert.edu
Potter Vanessa Tutoring and Academic Skills Centers (TASC) 674-7622 vpotter@collegeofthedesert.edu
Quintana Ana Financial Aid 760 565 4841 anaquintana@collegeofthedesert.edu
Quintana Salazar Guadalupe ""Rosy"" Upward Bound 636-7943 Gquintanasalazar@collegeofthedesert.edu
Ramirez Frank Career Workforcce Solutions Center   framirez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Reyes Patricia Fiscal Services 776-7331 preyes@collegeofthedesert.edu
Rice Sandra English as a Second Language 5598 srice@collegeofthedesert.edu
Robles Armando EDGE Program 760-674-7806 Arrobles@collegeofthedesert.edu
Rodriguez Juanita English as a Second Lannguage 5681 jrodriguez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Rojas Salazar Edith Geology 862-1307 erojassalazar@collegeofthedesert.edu
Romero Pablo Computer Information Systems 776-7305 promero@collegeofthedesert.edu
Rosales Marisela Admissions & Records 776-7440 mrosales@collegeofthedesert.edu
Ruiz-Reyes Lesley Disabled Students Program & Services 6571 Lruiz-reyes@collegeofthedesert.edu
Sanders Wendy Child Development and Education 776-7429 wsanders@collegeofthedesert.edu
Sangiorgio Frederick Counseling 776-7345 fsangiorgio@collegeofthedesert.edu
Scott Craig Admissions & Records 776-7282 crscott@collegeofthedesert.edu
Shahidi Elham English as a Second Language 6969 elshahidi@collegeofthedesert.edu
Shahidi Hushang Business and Hospitality Industries 776-7304 hushahidi@collegeofthedesert.edu
Sharkey Lorraine English as a Second Lannguage 6335 llsharkey@collegeofthedesert.edu
Spears Tedreanna Financial Aid 5239 tspears@collegeofthedesert.edu
Troche Jessica Financial Aid 568-3211 jtroche@collegeofthedesert.edu
VanBeers Jessica ABE-Adult Basic Education 776-7348 jvanbeers@collegeofthedesert.edu
Velazquez Elizabeth Social Science 4430 elvelazquez@collegeofthedesert.edu
Vezzoli Giuseppe Biology 674-7803 gvezzoli@collegeofthedesert.edu
Williams Gary Computer Information Systems 760-776-7286 gwilliams@collegeofthedesert.edu
Williams Stacey Financial Aid 776-7435 swilliams@collegeofthedesert.edu
Zazueta Blanca Admissions & Records 776-7443 BZazueta@collegeofthedesert.edu