Book Pre-Authorization Program
(CA Dream Act Filers)

What is the Book Pre-Authorization Program (CADAA Filer)?

The Book Pre-Authorization program (CA Dream Act Filer) is available at College of the Desert for students who submitted a CA Dream Act Application (CADAA) and awarded a Cal Grant award. The program allows students to use up to $400 of their Cal Grant award at the COD Bookstore (online or in-person) before aid is disbursed.

Note, any book pre-authorization credit used (up to max amount) will be deducted from your financial aid disbursement.

Notification via MyCOD Email

The book pre-authorization will be available approximately a week before the 1st day of the term (Fall & Spring ONLY).

Eligible students will receive an notification via MyCOD email with instructions on how to access the book pre-authorization credit.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for the Book Pre-Authorization program (CADAA ONLY), students MUST have submitted a 2023-2024 CA Dream Act application (CADAA), AND:

  • Awarded Cal Grant
    • Review your award letter on your FA Self-Service portal.
  • Enrolled at least half-time (6 units)
    • Late-starting courses DO NOT count until 3 weeks after course has begun.
  • Meeting Satisfactory Academic Program (SAP)
    • Review your most current SAP status on your FA Self-Service portal.

For students who meet the criteria above and are in good standing (SAP) can use the following information to determine how much bookstore credit will be received:

Book Pre-Authorization Credit

For student who submitted a FAFSA Application, please visit Book Pre-authorization program (FAFSA Filer) webpage for more information. 

Next Steps

Once we have closed our book pre-authorization program (see dates above), the Financial Aid Office will work with the COD Bookstore to finalize all credits used by students.

These credits will be posted as 'charges' to your student account (ledger) which will be deducted from your financial aid disbursement. 

What happens if I don't use the Book Pre-Authorization?

Student who do not wish to use the book pre-authorization credit will have NO IMPACT and will receive their full financial aid disbursement without any bookstore charges deducted.