Scholarship Selection Process​​

​The method of selecting recipients of a scholarship at College of the Desert (COD) is determined by the donor of the scholarship fund. A student’s application may be reviewed by a department committee or by the COD Scholarship Committee at the district.

  • The COD Scholarship Committee is comprised of faculty and staff members who are committed to equality and fairness for all applicants. The scholarship committees are responsible to select the applicants who best fi​t the donor’s requirements and scholarship criteria. All scholarship applications are reviewed and scored and the applicants with the highest scores are offered the scholarship.

  • Students selected as a recipient of a scholarship from COD will receive an email notification sharing their aw​ard. All scholarship recipients are required to submit an approved thank you card to their donor(s) and attend a mandatory Donor Reception the following spring semester (not required for 2024-2025 Academic Year). Failure to do so may forfeit eligibility for the scholarship. The scholarship disbursements will take place during the end of the primary terms, Fall and Spring.

  • Students not selected as a recipient of a scholarship from COD will not receive an offer email from the scholarship system. However, please know the applications will remain active in case a new scholarship comes available or alternates are needed for scholarships for which the original recipient is no longer eligible.

The information on the scholarship application is recognized to be of a confidential nature and when students apply, they agree that COD may reveal or forward the contents of the application to the Scholarship Committee members, Scholarship Donors and/or other reviewing committees.