COVID-19 Employee Protocols

College of the Desert has carefully planned with your health and safety in mind and has implemented the following set of safety protocols.

Additionally, the College recognizes the pandemic is a fluid situation. It is your responsibility to check this site frequently to ensure you are following all current requirements. 

  • Individuals must stay home if they do not feel well or have tested positive for COVID-19. Notify your supervisor immediately, and fill out the Online COVID-19 Reporting form, if feeling at least one COVID-19 related symptom.

  • If you are exposed to an individual that is COVID positive and not experiencing symptoms; come to campus, wear a mask and fill out the Online COVID-19 Reporting form. You are required to test 3-5 days after last day of exposure per OSHA requirements 
  • All employees, students, and volunteers, are required to provide certification of COVID-19 vaccination on or before January 31, 2022. Employees, students, and volunteers, may claim an exemption to the approved vaccine requirement in accordance with District procedures. Employees, students, and volunteers who do not provide certification of vaccination, obtain an authorized exemption, or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing and provide proof of negative test results will be denied access to on-site campus/programs. All students, faculty and staff must complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Verification/Exemption Form (Affidavit).

    • If approved for affidavit, submit your weekly test by Thursday online
  • As of May 31, 2022, face masks are no longer required. However, the Campus Safety Committee does recommend that masks be worn while in classrooms and inside any campus building, regardless of vaccination status.

To ensure your safety, and the safety of others, you must follow these protocols. If you do not, you will be asked to leave campus.

If you still have specific questions, please email us at

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  • Do not come to campus if you feel ill or have tested positive for COVID-19. Report your illness using the online form.

  • Get vaccinated

  • Wearing a mask indoors is strongly recommended in public places to minimize your exposure.

  • Request an N95 Voluntary Use mask for additional protection. 
  • Get tested, if you develop COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to an individual that is positive for COVID (3-5 days after last day of exposure).

  • Masks are strongly recommended to be worn indoors. 

  • Wash or sanitize hands frequently.

  • Get vaccinated

  • Stay home and report all COVIDlike symptoms or positive test results to your supervisor immediately.  
    Fill out the COVID Self-Reporting Form 

  • A COVID Reporting Team Member will:

    • Contact you within one business day for more information and to follow-up on symptoms.

    • Request information to help the Team identify any potential exposures for contact tracing purposes.

    • Notify your supervisor that you will not be allowed on campus until cleared by a COVID-19 Reporting Team member with a tentative return date.

    • Call you the day of your tentative return date or the first business day after to conduct a follow-up evaluation. If cleared, you may be allowed to return the next day.

    • All criteria must be met before you will be allowed to return to campus.

If you are already on campus and begin to exhibit symptoms, you may be asked to leave campus. Individuals who need to wait for a ride can do so at the Public Safety Office until they can get picked up by someone. It is important to keep in mind that if someone is experiencing shortness of breath 911 should be called immediately. 

If you are exposed but do not have any symptoms, regardless of vaccination status: 

  1. Come to campus.
  2. Inform your supervisor and submit a COVID report.
  3. Someone from the COVID reporting team will follow up with you.
  4. You are required to wear a mask for 10 days after last day of exposure.  
  5. You are required to test 3-5 days after last day of exposure. 

College of the Desert is required to report all COVID-19 related incidents to Riverside County. We appreciate your support in helping us meet regulations and forward any reports for both online and hybrid students to the COVID Reporting Team.

If a student tells you that they are sick or tested positive to COVID19, your responsibility is to report it to as soon as possible. This will allow a COVID Reporting Team member to reach out and conduct a contact tracing interview and ensure that safety protocols are in place.

Please email with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Course Number (if applicable)
  • Student ID
  • Student Phone Number
  • Student preferred Email

As students navigate the COVID19 pandemic, we want to support our students’ overall well-being. The Student Health and Wellness Center offers support for students in crisis. They include services such as mental health appointments, community resources and student workshops.

For more concerning student cases, please complete an Incident of Concern form to report a student’s well-being or behavioral issues to COD Assessment and Care Team.

Updated January 1, 2023